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Irvin Kershner directed the following films during his career:

Stakeout on Dope Street 1958
The Young Captives 1958
The Hoodlum Priest 1961
A Face in the Rain 1963
The Luck of Ginger Coffey 1964
A Fine Madness 1966
The Flim-Flam Man 1967
Loving 1970
Up the Sandbox 1972
Spys 1974
The Return of a Man Called Horse 1976
Eyes of Laura Mars 1978
The Empire Strikes Back 1980
Never Say Never Again 1983
Robocop 2 1990

Irvin Kershner featured in front of the Lens on:

The Last Temptation of Christ 1988
On Deadly Ground 1994
Terminal Island 2004
Tell Them Who You Are 2005

Irvin Kershner wrote the screenplay for

Stakeout on Dope Street 1958

Irvin Kershner produced:

American Perfekt 1997

Irvin Kershner was Executive Producer for:

Wildfire 1988

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